Power of Transformation Wish Bracelet

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In collaboration with Allay Bracelet, we are proud to present Power of Transformation Wish Bracelet.

“Engage Your Power to Overcome”

You have a special someone in your life that wants to be a better version of themselves. They might have started or taken steps towards improving their life, and you want to help with their transformation. You want to see them leave their struggles behind them and embrace new habits. Although transforming their life with a multifaceted approach works best, the energies in these gemstones can help magnify those things needed to embrace new ways and make significant lasting changes. This bracelet is a perfect way to express your heartfelt sentiments, and help inspire them on their journey. 
Allay’s Power of Transformation Bracelet harnesses and combines the powerful crystal energies of Amethyst, Moss Agate, Onyx and Hematite, as a compliment to transforming therapies, on the path to overcome those things which hold them back.

Gemstone wishes for you:
 Amethyst- May the energies in this stone cleanse and clear your body. of anything offending it. May its purple light insulate your aura from imbalance. May its energies awaken you, and provide clearer comprehension and understanding so that actions and decisions are made with a higher guidance.
 Moss Agate- May this stone ground you, infuse you with stability, and balance for all your systems. May it immerse you in persistence, endurance, and peace, so that you can achieve bringing your goals to completion. May it magnify your aspirations to embrace new habits for the better you.
 Onyx- May these stones energies build your inner strength and vitality. , and help you focus on your objectives through mental clarity, persistence, and endurance. May it aid in realigning your attention to your actions, so that you may succeed at your goals and transformation. May it increase your vitality to help attract what is necessary for transformation.
 Hematite – May the frequencies in this stone magnify the intention and potency of the accompanying stones. May it allow you to achieve your highest self, allowing you to move forward with full purpose . May it enhance courage and fortitude coming through your journey, as it grounds you with the Soul of the Earth.

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  • Adjustable: Yes
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