Our Mission

Spreading Love Of Animals To The World

Despite the strong relationship people have with animals, many animals suffer poor welfare and abuse at the hand of humans. For those of us who are animal lovers it seems obvious to us that harming animals is unacceptable on an ethical bias.  Without animals, even as little as one species missing, an entire ecosystem can collapse.

Ecology has taught us that each organism has a unique relationship with its surroundings and therefore all livings things must have a purpose. Children seem to have an innate connection to nature and animals, but this is not nurtured in our society, we spend more time in classrooms and living rooms rather than appreciating the world that ultimately gives us life. It is our duty to protect and not abuse the planet’s creatures.

The number of animals involved and the extent of suffering is often unclear. Scientific research is essential to provide the evidence which can support governments, global industry bodies, NGO’s and the various industries involved to work together to end practices which negatively impact the welfare of animals. 

We, at Home of Animals would like to help to improve the welfare of animals and help to protect them by donating a certain percentage from each product sold here to Animal Related Charity.  We would like to thank you for your amazing support to making a difference to these animals’ lives and to try to preserve the animals for our future generation.